About Us



AutomationMed is led by Jack Goldstein, a practicing orthopedic surgeon with broad experience in engineering and technical design, as well as nearly 30 years in medicine. He attended Yale University and Davis where he received a doctorate. He currently has his own practice in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.


The Chief programmer is a technical expertise in Kiosk-driven computer systems and expert in interface design, database programming, and multiple programming languages.

We offer powerful, stable Windows-based programs which run on Win 98, Win 2000, Win XP, Vista, Windows 7, Win 2003 and Win 2008 server.  Programs are built from the ground up, to run smoothly, efficiently and provide exactly what they are designed to produce.


Our Mission:


  • Reduce the burden of cumbersome paperwork and repetitious tasks in the daily physician workload by recording, arranging and analyzing all data electronically.
  • Improve office efficiency and minimize ancillary personnel requirements through innovative office automation.
  • Provide optimal patient care
  • Track outcomes via automated patient Kiosk entry.
  • Lower practice overhead.
  • Keep patient and physician information secure in a network that provides relevant information to the right doctors.
  • Automate operative notes customized by physician and specialty.  Improve billing and coding accuracy and time to submission.
  • Save paper and reduce our collective carbon footprint.




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