Operative Notes



Operative Notes is an intuitive rapid documentation system, which enables physician specific operative notes to be created and customized. 



This system includes three fundamental parts:




1) Operative Notes© generates complex operative notes, step-by-step using physician specific content for every case using a simple intuitive Wizard


* Operative Notes easily creates multiple procedures into a note which is indistinguishable from dictation.
* Complex customized physician content is incorporated seamlessly
* Operative notes are fully editable until electronically signed.
* Major changes can be sent as a "change request" for permanent incorporation into the individual physicians database.


2) CodeMedX© our own CPT/ICD9 coding engine automatically reviews the codes for acceptance


3) Operative Administration allows coder/billers to access completed notes and validate the ICD9 and CPT codes prior to incorporation into an EMR and billing remittance.


4) ImageExport© extracts all images without user intervention, storing them on an SQL Server using secure  wireless connections.




This all allows complex operative notes to be created in less time than dictation, complete with CPT/ICD9 coding, integrated images and electronic signature for rapid billing. It also eliminates transcription costs, and improves efficiency in surgery centers and hospital settings.

* Delivery options include immediate printing, faxing to referrals and encrypted email to your billing office.


* The interface includes password protected logon electronic signature, and administrative user rights to validate coding before final delivery.


* Time and cost savings are substantial. Transcribing one operative note can cost $4 to $5 dollars more per note than directly imputing data electronically, and it can save $1 dollar per printed page for centralized image printing. This eventually adds to thousands in savings, and an improvement in efficiency in the OR. In addition, images stored in the SQL Database can be queried at any time for image retrieval with our image view component.









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