CodeMedX ©


This is our CPT/ICD9 coder built from the AMA database. It includes a crosslinking mechanism to associate CPTs with ICD-9s.  In addition, we have inserted all of the crosslinks for Orthopedics.  You can create your own X-Links (XML markup language) and W3C specifications that provide the ability to create internal and external links in XML documents, and associate metadata with those links.) 


The AutomationMed program is very intuitive with tabs for CPT, ICD-9, HCPCS and modifier tables.   It can query by AMA description or number.


Searching by CPT brings up all associated ICD-9 entries, and searching by ICD-9 brings up associated CPT entries.  The program may run as a standalone, or run inside another program used to call this information.





We have used CodeMedX effectively to view CPT and ICD-9 codes picked during the creation of Operative Notes©.  This creates immediate direct feedback of appropriate coding with the full AMA description of the code as the document is created.



CodeMedX© Demonstration




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