Medical Manager MedAutoExport ®


This program automates the conversion of patient demographic data from "Legacy" DOS based billing systems into an SQL database. Billing systems typically use comma delimited strings of numbers to define the demographic parameters for each patient. MedAutoImporter® imports this data on a user defined time interval into a SQL data table, easily accessible by most programs through ODBC controls (in Windows). This allows patient demographic data already entered into your billing system to become the center of a data hub, so that other programs such as electronic medical records, X-Ray Manager®, or Electronic Medical Outcomes® can utilize the same demographic data. This eases the burden of demographic input and the risk of errors, which can occur when entering duplicate data. The same mechanisms can be used for secure log-on since the database contains names and social security numbers, which may be used as passwords. When the importer is running, this window may be displayed if desired:






Please note below that field mapping is performed easily by referring to the patient list of your billing system in your manual. This assures that the patients’ demographic data is always correct. In this example, the importer is set up for medical manager. With a mapping list this may be quickly configured to work with any similar comma delimited database field.


The table above contains special conditions. The "doctor numbers" for the doctors in the office are three, one, nine and six. The resulting database is ODBC compliant, allowing any modern database to utilize the resulting imported patient data.


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