MedBillAnalysis ©

MedBillAnalysis builds from an expanded export of medical manager data, utilizing MedAutoExport© to include all relevant billing data by CPT, ICD9, patient, doctor, date of service, insurance company, payment, and co-pay.  The program allows a practice to quickly and effortlessly use Medical Manager not only as a billing system but as a functional practice management system.The program is simple and intuitive to use with SQL (Structured Query Language) incorporated for ease of data analysis.  All data is displayed in a "grid".  This allows the user to quickly sort data by any parameter.


Data can be queried by patient, doctor, date of service, place of service, insurance company, insurance payment, copay, patient appointments, cancellations, rescheduling, and patient visits by CPT, or ICD9. Custom Query also allows data to be analyzed by multiple parameters of your choice.


*Buy MedBillAnalysis for medical manager, and receive MedAutoExport for free.

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