At AutomationMed, we create innovative intuitive software with enormous power and functionality for physicians and patients alike.  Our software runs on Windows computers and can connect with
ODBC compliant databases to minimize office personnel and redundant input of data.


**All products include free 1st-year updates.


Automated, recurrent import from Medical Manager into ODBC compliant database for EMR and
other connections allows all DAT file imports, including patient list, referral doctor list.  Each DAT
file imports on its own set timer and drag and drop mapping.


Price:   $499.00 per machine  

  • Free support for first year
  • Support included in yearly updates
  • Yearly updates: $99/year


E-Kiosk ©

Package includes

    • E-Kiosk Form Designer ©
    • eKiosk Data Administration © (Data Query, Analysis and Graphing)
    • Pre-Made Questionnaires: (Include Preop and Postop Forms and Automated Call-Back) 
    • MFA (Musculoskeletal Functional Assessment)
    • SFMFA (Short-Form Musculoskeletal Functional Assessment)
    • GHSS SURVEY (Patient Satisfaction Survey)

Questionnaires for:

  • DASH
  • SF12/SF36 **(Use Requires your purchase of individual license)

(To save time, we provide custom questionnaire design and navigation. Please see below.)

*Form Design Service

Price: $100.00/hour

This includes:

  • Design of questionnaires
  • Scripting for automation and form navigation
  • Customization of data analysis

(Please note that costs may be dramatically reduced for customized systems by providing pre-made forms generated in Form Designer© by the individual user with our help in scripting navigation and callback only).





Allows for complex queries of Medical Manager billing data.  This allows you to maintain your current billing system and have a practice management system, which can Analyze your billing data by any parameters desired.  This includes patient and doctor demographics at a glance, billing data by date range, month or quarter, and simple one-click conversion of any data to Excel spread sheet or XML file.  All data is in grid format and can be arranged by any column parameter in one click.


Price:  $1500.00 per practice

This includes:

  • MedAutoExport© for data extraction and conversion.
  • Free support for first year
  • Support included in Yearly Updates

Yearly Updates: $99/year (after first free year)

X-Ray Manager©

Includes tracking of Analog X-ray film jackets and studies, with study tracking by physician, film and study. Flash to film can be done with label printer.

Price:  $499.00 per Computer  

  • Free support for first year
  • Support included in yearly updates


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