X-Ray Manager ®

X-Ray Manager automates X-Ray processing by creating logs for patients, films, check-in, check-out, and more. All paper logs are eliminated. The program tracks patient shielding and films taken, including the number and size of films used. Reports are easily generated to track the location of films.


This information is entered with just a few mouse clicks, and all of the necessary data is printed on an address label, which is flashed for X-Ray film labeling. Name labels are generated to label film jackets.   X-Ray technicians can also be more efficient and productive with the elimination of paper records. Because this is linked to the patient billing system, the patient list is easily accessed and the patients are brought up by typing in a few letters of their last names. The program may stand alone, or it may be used with MedAutoImporter©. When used without the importer, all new patient names and birth dates require input. Return visit X-Rays are easily added to the "Patient Jacket" and stored within the X-Ray Manager database.


This program may be utilized for tracking analog films and flashing patient label data onto them with check-in and check-out. The program can also act as a digital archive and database for use with digital processing systems with one or multiple physician users. The program utilizes simple intuitive tools for use and an easily intelligible interface. MedAutoImport® can be used in digital systems as well to connect legacy software systems (like Medical Manager) for demographic input.




We are currently adding digital film capability to this system, which will enable digital archiving or PACS system of high quality and low cost, unlike the current PACS systems. Our newest version of X-Ray Manger® will be able to open all major digital film reader DICOM formats, allowing interface to Fujifilm, Siemens, GE, and Agfa.


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