Web Data Collection

Web-based data collection is a popular concept. The advantage is that data can be input from anywhere, but there are distinct disadvantages:


  • Security is of great concern. Patient and physician data need to be integrated in order to provide meaningful outcomes data. This requires identifiers to be located on a central server so that appropriate connections can be made between the data sets. Patients and physicians are both reluctant to do so because of security concerns. In addition, maintaining a secure web server and database is expensive.
  • Data input from the web is expensive and cumbersome for offices. But connections to local databases can be integrated seamlessly, allowing for centralized data to be collected in a consistent format.
  • It is much more difficult to integrate automated form navigation on the web, and data is often collected less routinely. However, with our system patients can instead be directed to the proper form-based upon prior surgery and date of return visit, or addition of new site or side of concern.
  • Completed integrated data is stored only centrally. Local participants (physicians or researchers) have no access to their own data, except via reporting sent from a central site.




The Ekiosk© Solution:



Patient and physician identifiers are stored only locally for patient and physician security. This allows local electronic medical records, billing, and X-ray databases to be seamlessly integrated, providing tremendous cost savings with database integration. Local form navigation to appropriate questionnaires at initial visits and upon return visits are automatic based upon side, site, and date from last visit and call back interval. Pay-for-performance data may be locally collected in this way for validated outcomes. Data locally is stripped of all patient and physician identifiers, and then sent with only unique numerical identifiers to a central site where analysis can be performed. Local data analysis may be performed by physicians or researchers independently, and compared to centralized data. Educational and customized content may be added easily on a local level to fit the needs of the individual practice. This allows us to use the "Best of the Web" for local data collection in a secure and versatile fashion, combined with multiple site integration via automated secure data transfer.


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